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Shooting Games

Using a vast array of weaponry, defend your lab from alien invaders in this defend your base type game. Featuring persistent skill level system, over 20 weapons, 6 turrets, beautiful art and professionally developed soundtracks!
2,832 Total Plays | September 8th, 2011
Armored Fighter: New WarArmored Fighter: New War
You play as pilot of giant space alien's robot. Space aliens want to conquest the Earth. As alien your mission is crash and destroy all around. Warning! Armored Fighter: New War Game contains scenes with ultra violence and mass destruction.
3,266 Total Plays | September 8th, 2011
Funny Sea BattleFunny Sea Battle
In this funny shooter game you offer shooting on dolphins. But do not get caught on the ships with torpedoes - this is the end game.
4,844 Total Plays | September 28th, 2011
Kill the SpermKill the Sperm
Your task - to fight off an army of obsessive the sperm and protect themselves from pregnancy! Controlling the game using arrows and space bar.
3,489 Total Plays | September 19th, 2011
Lill the TerroristsLill the Terrorists
Kill the fucking terrorists! Game control: aim and shoot.
2,871 Total Plays | September 12th, 2011
Rambo The GameRambo The Game
Some peace treaty emmisaries has been captured by the rebels. This has become a problematic international incidents... Fearing the worst, goverment officials dispatch their best agent to infiltrate the compound and save their emmisaries their agent name is... Run around in the jungle, shoot all your enemies down and leave your enemies behind you in pool of blood!
4,546 Total Plays | March 5th, 2012
Zombie TerminaterZombie Terminater
Resident Evil comes once again, sleeping zombie again wake up from the underground. This time, they clearly come prepared. They are claws activity in any corner of the human breath, they will bring disaster to destroy everything. If you do not destroy them as soon as possible, mankind will face the threat of extinction. The major responsibility of the endless sustain human has come to you, quickly into action to save the world!
3,099 Total Plays | April 4th, 2012